Your Councillors

Miss Hilary Palmer

Vice Chair

Huntsmoor Wimborne Road Lytchett Matravers Poole


Mrs Sonia Cade


Bailie View 24 Dullar Lane
BH21 4AD

01258 858213

Lynne Seare

Mapperton Farm Almer
DT11 9ER

07759 892965

Mrs Maureen Steel

45 Churchill Close

Helen Fookes

Huntsmoor Wimborne Road Lytchett Matravers Poole
BH16 6HQ

Julie Jackson

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Leanna Purtill

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Councillor's Responsibilities 2024


Cllr W Chakawhata


Planning Committee Chair Cllr H Fookes, Vice Chair Cllr L Seare & Cllrs: , H. Palmer,  M. Steel,  J Jackson, S. Cade, L Purtill 

Memorial Hall Representative  Cllr M Steel
D A P T C Cllr M Steel, Cllr S Cade
Utilities  Cllr S Cade
Trees & Rights of Way Cllr  J Jackson & Cllr L Seare
Sports Association Cllr J Jackson
Transport Cllr M Steel, Cllr J Jackson
Ancient Monuments/Archives Cllr H. Palmer
Emergency Representatives/Liaison Clerk, Cllr S. Cade, Cllr H. Palmer
Community Governor Cllr H Fookes
Alms House Charity Cllr L Purtill
Play Area Maintenance Cllr M Steel, Cllr J Jackson
Finance Officer Clerk
Flood Warden Cllr Helen Fookes
Finance and General Purposes Working Party Cllrs H. Palmer, L Purtill  L Seare, S. Cade, Clerk
Website/Social Media Clerk, Cllr M Steel, Cllr L Purtill
Youth Cllr M Steel

Neighbourhood Plan  Mr J Quick (Chair), Mr R Daniels (Vice-Chair), Mrs A Clothier (Clerk), Cllr H Palmer, Cllr S Cade, Cllr H Fookes, Cllr M Steel, 

Health Cllr L Purtill